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Town Board

The Town Board (4-year Term, 2-year for Supervisor) is Pound Ridge's legislative branch, responsible for administering the government, approving the budget and taxes, and appointing members to boards and committees.

Regular Town Board meetings are conducted the 1st and 2nd Thursdays each month at 8:00pm in the Town House. Any Pound Ridge resident may attend. See the Calendar to view meeting agenda.  You are now able to remotely attend the Town Board meetings at this address  If you intend to do such, please contact the Town Clerk's office so it can be advertised as a public meeting location. 

Elected Town Board Members:

Richard B. Lyman, Supervisor and Chairperson -    rlyman [at] townofpoundridge [dot] com
Jon Powers, Deputy Supervisor                       -    jpowers [at] townofpoundridge [dot] com
Daniel S. Paschkes                                        -    dpaschkes@dpaschkes [at] townofpoundridge [dot] com (
Bonnie Schwartz                                            -    bschwartz [at] townofpoundridge [dot] com
Jody Sullivan                                                 -    jsullivan [at] townofpoundridge [dot] com
David Dow                                                    -    ddow [at] townofpoundridge [dot] com


Executive Assistant to the Supervisor: Marianne Vitelli

Town Board meeting minutes for 2013 and 2014 are attached below.  For 2015-2016, minutes are available on the calendar attached to the Town Board meeting.