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Town of Pound Ridge New York Official Website

Pound Ridge Recycling Center
Located at the Pound Ridge Highway Department
290 Stone Hill Road in Pound Ridge
HOURS ~ 8:00am - Noon,
Wednesdays and Saturdays


• E-WASTE Computers, printers/copiers, cell phones, cameras, VCR and DVD players, keyboard, electrical appliances, televisions and monitors, and small appliances (toasters, vacuums, etc.). Only flat screens will be accepted. CRT computer monitors and CRT TV sets are accepted with a permit as follows: up to and including 13" is $5.00, 20"-26" is $10.00, 27" is $17.50 and anything over 27" is $35.00.  Please pick up a permit for those CRT's at the Town House.

• PLASTICS #1 through #7 - Plastic Bags are now permitted.  ALL FOOD AND LIQUID MUST BE WASHED OUT.
(pails and flower pots with recycling code imprints accepted).

• GLASS All colors of glass accepted. ALL FOOD AND LIQUID MUST BE WASHED OUT.

• NEWSPAPERS Tied in bundles, no plastic bags.

• GLOSSY PAPER Tied in bundles, no plastic bags. Hard back books must have covers removed.

• CORRUGATED Tied in bundles, no plastic bags. Boxes must be broken down.
CARDBOARD NO waxed cardboard (milk or juice cartons) or grey cardboard.

• METAL Cans used for food, beverages, and laundry detergents. ALL FOOD AND LIQUID MUST BE
WASHED OUT. Swing sets, lawn mowers, weed whackers, bicycles, tools, fencing, and miscellaneous hardware (nuts, bolts, hangers). Large appliances such as; washers, dryers, stoves, freezers, refrigerators and air conditioners must have Freon* removed.

*Freon removal service is available at Wesco Gas Service 666-8003 or Mt. Kisco Mechanical Corp. 241-2460.


• DUMPSTER Household Items accepted such as; wood furniture, rugs and cushions.

No “Budget” rental trucks or trailers. PURCHASE PERMITS AT THE TOWN HOUSE M-F 9 AM TO 4 PM

~ $20-CAR

A Permit is required for disposal of CRT computer monitors and CRT TV's as follows: up to and including 13" is $5.00, 20"-26" is $10.00, 27" is $17.50 and anything over 27" is $35.00.  Please pick up a permit for those CRT's at the Town House.

For further information call the Highway Department 764-5690 or The Town House 764-5511.


- NO medical waste such as unused prescriptions or over the counter drugs, or syringes.
- NO fluorescent or light bulbs.
- NO paint cans or metal containers that contained hazardous materials, toxic waste or chemicals.
- NO cars or vehicles, tires, car or household batteries.
- NO brush or yard waste.
- NO household garbage.
- NO  CRT computer monitors and CRT TV sets
- NO construction materials such as; sinks, toilets, counter tops, cabinets, doors, insulation, windows, tiles,
roofing, plaster board, paneling, storage sheds, swimming pool liners, asphalt, blocks or cement.

-NO Porcelain

-NO Mirrors

Remember! - Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

When available, Wood Chips are free.

Chips can be delivered for a $30 delivery fee, Friday mornings between 8-10am or picked up.

The Town Clerks office at the Town House handles for deliveries of wood chips. Deliveries will be made on Friday mornings between 8-10am. Residents must be at home at delivery time to direct the location of a drop-off.

For further information call the Highway Department 764-5690 or The Town House 764-5511.


Packing "Peanuts" Recycling
 OBEX, INC. in Stamford is no longer collecting plastic recyclables until further notice. Call 1-800-828-2214 for the nearest Peanut Hotline Collection Site or take your packaging materials to:
• The Packaging Store, 927 High Ridge Road, Stamford, CT
• Mailboxes, Etc., 5 River Road (Wilton Super Stop & Shop Plaza), Wilton, CT
• Mailboxes, Etc., 304 Main Street (Perry Plaza Shopping Center), Norwalk, CT

Textile Recycling
The Textile Recycling bins are located in the Trinity Corners Shopping Center parking lot next to the pond. All clothing items, shoes, boots, sneakers, and handbags as well as household items such as; fabrics, curtains, sheets, and blankets.
Please do not contaminate bins with items that are not recyclable!

Big Brothers Big Sisters Bins for Charitable Donations
New to the Town are two clothing collection bins for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Family Service of Westchester, a United Way Agency, which will enable residents to donate new or usable clothing and other small household items to a worthy cause. A small percentage of the clothing collected is used by them, but the bulk is sold to the market place to generate revenue for the organization.

Downtown Don't Waste It
A recycling group in Tucson called "Downtown Don't Waste It" has created an innovative project that harnesses the power of e-mail to connect people with things they want to throw away with others who would like to have those things. This way it doesn't wind up in the garbage. Through a simple Yahoo! Groups e-mail list, any member of the community can post a note about an item they'd like to give away, or an item they are seeking. The only rule: Every item posted must be free. The concept has found an eager audience. Nearly 800 people have joined the list since its inception in mid-March 2003.

The Pound Ridge Police Department has installed a Med Return Drug Collection vault at the police station.
Now town residents have a safe, convenient, private and easy way to dispose of unwanted or expired prescription and over-the-counter medications.