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Water Control Commission


The Water Control Commission of the Town of Pound Ridge regulates local wetlands and areas around water.

Many of the town's ponds, lakes, and wetlands provide important beneficial functions, including natural flood and storm water control, groundwater recharge, natural pollution treatment, erosion and sediment control, wildlife habitat creation, recreation and open space enhancement and educational opportunities.

The town's wetland ordinance was created to provide protection, preservation, proper maintenance and use of the ponds, lakes and streams as well as to protect the potable surface and ground water. Specific guidelines, such as wetland categories, minimum activitity setback areas and permits for activities in a controlled area are listed along with other items including, gardening, deposition of material, driveways, clear cutting of small trees and construction of accessory buildings or structures within the regulated area. The minimum buffer area required by this law between a proposed activity and a controlled area is one-hundred fifty feet. Any proposed activity within a controlled area or the minimum activity setback area (150 feet) requires a permit under this law.

An application for work that falls under the jurisdiction of the Water Control Commission that administers the town's wetland ordinance is available on this website under "Forms".

The Water Control Commission usually meets to consider applications on the second Wednesday of each month at 8:00 p.m. at the Town House, 179 Westchester Avenue with submission deadline 14 days prior to the meeting, delivered to the Building Department.  Please call my office to confirm the date of the next meeting.

Contact Information

Karen Taft, Administrator
Tel. 764-3982
Fax: 764-0102
email:  ktaft [at] townofpoundridge [dot] com

Water Control Commission Members

Bill Bedford, Chairman
Philip Sears
Betsey Miller
Peter Senatore
Peter Marchetti

John Loveless, Esq., Counsel to the Commission
Jim Perry, Building Inspector, Consultant to the Commission
Karen Taft, Administrator